Air/Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground and Air Source Heat Pump Installation

A Heat pump is the best renewable heating solution for a residential or commercial building. There are many different types of heat pump system, all of which bring different benefits to property owners.

Air source and ground source heat pumps both use naturally occurring heat to provide an efficient, renewable way of heating your home and hot water. Air source systems draw heat from the air, and ground source from the earth.

Although the initial layout is more expensive, you can sit back and enjoy the energy savings you will achieve whilst helping clean up our planet. The average heat pump can last at least 15 years, but there are reports that modern heat pumps can last for as much as 25 years.

Key Construction Services specialise in Ground Source Heat Pump and Air Source Heat Pump solutions. We will manage your installation from start-to-finish, and provide unbeatable maintenance and aftercare.

The benefits of a heat pump

The efficiency of heat pumps is substantially higher than other forms of heating systems and come with the following advantages:

  • Lower fuel bills
  • Potential income through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Lower home carbon emissions
  • No fuel deliveries required
  • Can heat your home as well as your water
  • Minimal maintenance required

Air Source Heat Pumps

Get heat from the outside air for your heating and hot water systems. Perfect for properties with limited outdoor space, and highly efficient. Air source heat pumps are compatible with both radiators and underfloor heating systems and can be used together with most electric boilers, oil-fired boilers or equivalent.

If you’re looking for a quick fix to a broken boiler or can’t bring yourself to digging up your entire garden, we recommend an air source heat pump. An air-source system can be up and running quickly, yet it’s still a renewable heating system that gives off no harmful gases locally.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Use the heat stored naturally in nearby soil or rock to power your property’s heating and hot water supply. Ground source heat pumps work by absorbing heat energy from water being circulated through pipework buried in the ground. A refrigeration circuit is used to amplify the low-grade heat energy, which is transferred to the water circulating a central heating system.

Although a bit more expensive, we recommend getting a ground source heat pump for peace of mind. They run almost silently, most of the system is buried underground, and they maintain a relatively high efficiency all year round.

Why Choose Key Construction Services?

We’ve been planning and installing renewable energy technology for a long time giving us an industry experience that’s unmatched and bespoke. We work with our customers closely to understand and meet their requirements.

Considering a heat pump system?

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